SZU LING LIU is a multidisciplinary, Taiwanese visual artist and also a pharmacist.

She graduated both from National Taiwan University (2010) in Pharmacy and National Taiwan University of Arts (2016) in Visual Communication.

Through photography, art and design, she expresses views on reality and the world and also explores life, inner emotions and nature.
Artworks from photography, graphics, motions, paintings, and still explore various possibilities.
Experimentalism and abstract avant-garde are two major characteristics of her works.
She advocates the creative spirit of the uniqueness of life and infinite possibilities.

She started from 2016. Then she was selected to the Tokyo International Art Fair and won Golden Winner in The Paris Photography Prize (PX3) in 2017.

Her works has won numerous of international awards such as Adobe Design Achievement Competition, International Design Awards, Px3, International Photography Awards and London International Creative Competition, etc.

In 2018, her graphic design works were also selected for the International Design Awards and Macau Design Award for recognition and were selected into the TOP 100 Shortlist of the London International Creative Competition at the same time as the painting works.

Through mixed media works such as Plastic Ocean and Stilnox 200 focus on phenomenon in contemporary society and environmental issues to raise attention to the problems.

She uses photography as a way of expressing between poetry and painting.

Her works through photography is a series of daily poetic observations and also express the relationship between the self and digital technology.
It can either return to the pure essence or explore the boundaries between realities and illusions under the digital age, finding the infinite space and imagination to be interpreted.

劉思伶(SZU LING LIU)は、薬剤師であり、写真やアート、デザインなど多岐にわたって活動している学際的なビジュアルアーティストである。


2016年から制作活動を開始。2017年にはアートフェア東京に入選し、「Paris Photo Prize(PX3)」「International Photography Awards(IPA)」「London International Creative Competition(LICC)」「Fine Art Photography Awards(FAPA)」「ルクセンブルク美術賞(芸術功労証書を授与)」など、国際的な賞でも数多く入選。「Adobe Design Achievement Competition」では最終選考にも進出している。
2018年には、グラフィックデザイン作品が「International Design Awards(IDA)」や「Macau Design Award」にて評価されたと同時に、絵画作品が「London International Creative Competition(LICC)」のTOP100候補者に選ばれた。